Case Study: Custom Website Development

The Verdict Is In...
A Custom Website Earned This Lawfirm A Lot of Money!

The Problem

A local law firm saw an opportunity to take over a segment of the market. There were many of firms that handled homeowners association issues, but none that made the process easy!

Submitting cases to the law firms was a manual process, and tracking the progress was severely time-consuming.

They needed a custom website and web-based application developed to solve these problems and allow them to take over this market segment.

The Solution

We used our industry knowledge and development experience to build the law firm a web-based system that made everything fast, easy, scalable, and legally compliant. The features included:

  • New cases could be submitted and monitored online by the homeowners association, including all the associated documents needed by the law firm.

  • The system generated invoices for all clients at the end of the month that used complex formulas to calculate the amount owed in compliance with both best accounting practices and the legal rules around interest charges, etc.

  • The system was able to be white labeled so other law firms could use it for a licensing fee. This created another revenue stream for the law firm.

The Results

  • Incread revenue 500% in six months.

  • HOA clients increased 8x in six months.

  • Over $100,000 in licensing fees were generated by allowing other lawfirms to use the website.

  • The system was successfully patented by the law firm.

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