Case Study: Ecommerce

A custom ecommerce site is a slam dunk for the NCAA's online revenue!

The Problem

The NCAA Fianl Four is a HUGE event generating millions of dollars in revenue from the sale of NCAA merchandise to colleges and universities.

Howeever, the amount of time and manual labor required in gathering, processing, and shipping these order to the colleges and universites was a major problem.

In addition, since the NCAA staff handled taking the orders, any issues with these orders (wrong items, etc.) fell on the NCAA to correct, often at their own expense.

They needed a way to let the colleges and universities submit and manage their orders directly with as little human intercation as possible.

The Solution

We developed a high-volume and extremly complex website for the NCAA that solved these issues and made everyone happy. The features included:

  • Listng for thousands of products, each with their own branded video demonstrating/showing the product.

  • The ability to choose colors, sizes, logos, and over 20 other options per product.

  • An admin panel for both the customers and the NCAA to track all orders from start to finish.

  • An integrated email system that notified customers and the NCAA of order status during the entire process.

The Results

  • The ordering process was now automated with very little human intervention required.

  • Mistakes and liability related to accurate order placement was eliminated since the colleges and universties now placed their orders directly.

  • The time required to place an order and receive items was greatly reduced.

  • The system was ultimatley purchased by the NCAA and never had a single issue in the 4 years our company supporrted it.

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