Case Study: 400 ticket sales in 7 days... No Problem!

The Problem

The company had promoted a seminar event for over 8 weeks and at a cost of over $80,000.

The event was being held at a large venue that could seat 2,500 people, but as of just a week before the event, only 90 people had signed up to attend.

They needed to sell at least 400 seats in the next 7 days.

The Solution

Given the amount of time in which to reach the goal of selling 400 seats, and the budget provided by the client, we decided oto use a pay-per-click strategy to achieve the client’s goal.

We started by doing all the necessary research to find the right keywords and phrases to attract the people we were looking for.

Next, we created a highly targeted pay-per-click campaign as well as a landing page for the seminar. The campaign had over 319 relevant keywords and phrases, and the landing page incorporated several usability and design principles to maximize conversions.

This campaign was monitored on an hourly basis, and reports were sent to the client daily. We discussed any changes in the results of the pay-per-click campaign with the client so we could determine the next steps for success.

The Results

  • Achieved over 500 full-price registrants for the event.

  • Developed a reusable landing page for future seminars and events.

  • Created a long-term PPC strategy with a high return on investment

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