Case Study: Reputation Management

The Truth, The Whole Truth, & Nothing But The Truth!

The Problem

Despite being in business over 50 years and providing excellent customer service to thousands of customers a day, the company had an undesirable online reputation.

This is actually a common problem, since happy customers do not always discuss an experience online – but unhappy customers almost always do!

It only takes a few unhappy customers to ruin a company’s online reputation – and online revenues. Our job was to set the record straight.

The Solution

We deployed several solutions to fix this problem:

  • We used advanced search engine optimization techniques to push the negative reviews to the back of the search engine results, making them virtually invisible.

  • Then, we created a rewards program and corresponding website. We sent customers a link to review the company on several websites including Yelp and Google (Google Reviews) and rewarded everyone, regardless of their feedback, to be fair and to avoid legal/ethical issues.

  • We managed the process of sending out and tracking all rewards so the company had no work to do at all. They just had to watch their reputation climb!

The Results

  • The number os company customer reviews increased over 300%.

  • The company went from 1 out of five stars to 4 out of five stars.

  • As the company's reviews and reputation improved revenues and booking increased.

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