Case Study: Search Engine Optimization

Just What the Doctor Ordered...
The Right SEO Cured This Compounding Pharmacy's Online Sales Problem!

The Problem

An FDA approved and compliant 503B Compounding Pharmacy had everything they needed to be the best in the business. A great staff, a state-of-the-art facility, and outstanding customer service. The problem was that nobody knew about them.

They needed to let potential customer know why they were the best choice for their prescription needs and why the fact that they were an FDA approved 503B Compounding Pharmacy was important to their customer health and safety.

They need an aggressive search engine optimization marketing camapign to get them noticed online. They also needed a native advertising campaign to establish them as the experts in their field and educate their potential customers on why they needed to use an FDA approved 503B Compounding Pharmacy

The Solution

We used our search engine optimization and content management expertise to create everything they needed to succeed:

  • We determined what keywords and phrases would actually generate new sales and made sure they ranked on the top of the search engines for all of them.

  • We created original content that educated the public about 503B Compounding Pharmacies and deployed this content across the internet on authoritative wed sites.

  • We developed custom, single product focused e-commerce microsites that ranked well on the search engines and were easy to use for doctors and patients.

  • We carefully tracked the results of all activities and refined them on a weekly basis until we achieved the results the client wanted - sales!.

The Results

  • The internet became a multi-million dollar revenue source for the pharmacy.

  • Clients and doctors use the pharmacy's sites daily for ordering products and gathering information.

  • Many customers now understand the importance of using an FDA approved 503B Compounding Pharmacy and switched away from the non-compliant pharmacies they had been using.

  • The pharmacy is one of the highest ranking compounding pharmacies on the search engines.

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